"Kamizelka" sleeveless jacket

Item number: 19360

Female “Kamizelka” sleeveless jacket sewn of factory cotton jacquard fabric, decorated on the chest and bottom with embroidery of red, blue, purple, pink and grey threads, floral ornament – flowers, leaves, on a backing of factory fabric.

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Black and grey jacquard:  length 50cm. width 1.50 m.

Coloured linen or cotton for backing: length 50 cm. width 1.50 m.

Threads for embroidery 10g each (white, pink, red, blue, yellow, crimson, orange, purple, burgundy.) 3m long rope.

The diagram shows standard seam allowances. If necessary, they can be enlarged.

Separately cut a strip of jacquard 1.50 m long and 3 cm wide. (for kamizelka buttonholes).

Cut out pieces 1, 2, 3, 4 of jacquard. Cut out pieces 1, 3 of linen and pieces 2,4 without cutting.

Sew kamizelka and backing pieces together. Fold the strip for the buttonholes in half and iron out along, put the open edges inwards by 0.5 cm and stitch up to the edge. The width of the finished strip is 1 cm.

Cut the strip into 18 equal parts (length of each 6 cm), form loops of them, iron. Sew loops on the front cuts of pilka with 9 pieces per each putting the loops on the front side of pilka.

Put kamizelka and backing together, turn out. Stitch the finished item along all cuts to a width of 0.5 cm.

Embroider kamizelka as shown on the photo. Stretch the lace into the loop as shown on the photo.

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